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Balance & Breath Seminar


It Took Us 30 Years To Develop These Two Programs

Master Joe and Master Sheryl have created a turn-around year plan.

The Ultimate Workshop

The workshop is a once a month seminar to target 4 goals: Discover Purpose, Design A New Path, Repair Obstacles and Tune-Up Your Thoughts For The Next Level.

Balance and Breath

Balance and Breath is a one-of-a-kind mindfulness workshop that will FOREVER change your ability neutralize stress, tension and anxiety.

Master Joe Schaefer, 8th degree black belt, Master Sheryl Schaefer, 6th degree Black Belt.

Leadership For Over 30 Years

Masters Joe and Master Sheryl Schaefer have inspired thousands people to stay on a difficult path of personal challenge and life-change. They know how to inspire change and motivate people to stay on a path of personal development for decades. Now they are reaching outside Kung Fu and Tai Chi to bring their own step-by-step system of transformation to everyone. 

A 35 Year Story Of Personal Transformation

We entered college immediately after high school and found after one frustrating year that we were unprepared for that journey and not sure even where our future lay. We both moved back with our parents and got jobs. We both felt defeated and embarrassed by this apparent retreat from ambition. I began to study Shaolin Kung Fu the following year and Sheryl began Kung Fu a couple years later. We began a journey of personal challenge and struggle that would transform the next 35 years of our lives.

Martial art training forced us to face obstacles and attitudes that held us back. These lessons re-built us from the ground up after the set backs from our first college experience. We grew stronger and returned to school to both get our Bachelor degrees while working full-time jobs and doing research in Biology as undergraduates. 

We combined the challenge and path of martial arts with a constant interest in personal development through books and seminars. Our growing belief in ourselves brought us to the University of Texas at Austin to become PhD students in Physiology. I achieved a PhD in Neuroscience and Sheryl a Masters Degree in Physiology. 

We applied our desire for personal development to our growing martial art school and opened a full-time school in 1995. Within two years we had the largest school in the world for our style of martial arts. After finishing with science in 1998, we both poured all of our energies in our growing school (s) and children.

Here 35 years after experiencing the personal set backs and challenges of being married very young with no financial resources or prospects, Sheryl and I have first hand started 10 distinct martial arts schools. We have personally taught more than 5000 people and gotten more than 300 of them to black belt level. The number of people who have changed their lives in the schools we helped build number over 10,000. 

After 30 years of teaching we are currently at our most motivated and passionate level. We have used the path of martial arts and a lifelong passion for personal development, introspection and a hunger for inner discovery to reinvent our lives each and every year. Now we want to share 35 years of what works and what doesn’t to take you to YOUR NEXT LEVEL.

Will This Be Your Story?

Nothing just goes away...it only gets worse with time

 20's: Just Mild Annoyances

As we get older, we typically do not grow wiser. The strategies and negative patterns and coping behaviors we hard-wired in our youth start to show up in our adult lives in our 20's in subtle and mildly aggravating ways.  We adjust for things like social discomfort, persistent fears and habits that don't support our success. These personal traits at this point are just mild annoyances. The fact that some people don't appear to have these annoyances starts to be worrisome.


30's Annoyances Become Quirks

In our 30's these mild annoyances slowly morph into our personal "quirks". These begin to slowly shape our life trajectory, limit our professional success, and shape our social engagements. We start to realize and notice these intrusive coping mechanisms more and more. If our career or personal lives haven't pushed too hard against these "quirks" yet, we might still be a little oblivious to them. In this decade we typically feel that ALL THINGS are still possible for us, even though our habits have already closed some doors along the way.


40's: Quirks Become Hurdles

In our 40's these quirks have really started to solidify to become "just the way we are". While we might accept these hurdles as our personal style, we usually know that life might be a lot easier with a different set of traits. It is likely that our "quirks" have now prevented some good things from happening or put us in a bad way personally or professionally. Discontent can reach a peak during this decade and it might start a passion to resolve these issues. Unfortunately it most often leads to defeat, resignation and the burying of the pain below a surface of denial and excuses.


50's And Beyond: Hurdles Become Permanent Obstacles

In our 50's we have by now buried these "quirks" down deep under many layers of excuses and denial. We have learned to compensate and adjust our expectations of life, and the people around us fully accept our "quirks" and enable us to keep them hidden from all. The stage is now being set for the rest of our lives. We are being empowered to believe 100% that "this is just the way I am". All life paths and dreams that conflict with our limited beliefs about ourselves become almost impossible at this point. Each year we age, we harden this wiring and pattern, making it more difficult to break the mold.



Recognize Any Of These Feelings?

  • You are frustrated with finances and fear the fault might lie within you

  • You avoid many social situations due to extreme discomfort

  • You feel irritable and quick tempered (like road rage)

  • You feel like you have too many "buttons" and "triggers" and everyone is pushing them

  • You feel stuck in many ways in life

  • You feel trapped by addictions and cravings

  • You don't feel inspired by the upcoming weeks, months or years

    • You suffer from bouts of anxiety, depression or restlessness.

    • You are too much "in your head"

    • You start and quit new activites too often

    • You make and break resolutions quickly

    • You want to know your ultimate purpose in this life

    • You wish you could work on something you believe in

    • You feel powerless to change

    • You have no confidence you will ever change

    There Is Good News

    You can dismantle these obstacles, discover your driving passion and purpose, forge a new purpose-driven path and live at a higher level than you dreamed possible. You can start this journey at any age of your life and be a transitional figure to inspire your family and friends to live their lives fully as well.

    Master Joe and Master Sheryl have created a turn-around year plan. One meeting a month to target 4 goals: Discover Purpose, Design A New Path, Repair Obstacles and Tune-Up Your Thoughts For The Next Level.

    You will never find a more motivational, inspired experience for this kind of price. Instead of thousands of dollars, you will only pay $59 a month (Austin Kung Fu students and family members get a discount). Instead of a single weekend seminar that blows your mind and then you slowly forget its lessons, this will renew your passion and path each and every month.


    Two Brand New Programs



    2020 Will Be Your Year Of Change

    We will share 17 different POWERFUL transformational modules with you. Once a month we will spend a couple hours with you discovering your purpose, setting new purpose-driven goals, removing your internal barriers to success, and shifting your mental processes into high gear. We all drift away from even our best plans, but these monthly workshops will keep bringing you back on track. Life-Coaching across an entire year typically costs thousands of dollars, but this one is so reasonable, you CAN’T afford to not do it. This will be the biggest Return On Investment of time and dollars you have ever made…we guarantee.

    Balance & Breath

    Healing Mind and Body From The Inside

    This course combines Chinese Breathing Exercises, Tai Chi and the Latest Brainwave Training. It teaches you to master your own mental state, reduce stress and anxiety and more easily enter an effortless mental state. This training has the effect of reducing many symptoms caused by chronic stress. After each session you will gain more skill and mastery over your stress levels. You can learn to dissolve chronic physical pain and reach the most relaxed feeling you have had in years. 




     Passion and Inspiration

    Masters Joe and Sheryl Schaefer have taught Kung Fu and Tai Chi together for over 30 years. In that time, they have mentored over five thousand people of all ages. Each new student started the path of martial arts for many reasons, but the majority were looking for personal development and positive change. People realized the power of following a set path and they chose martial arts as a first step to a higher level of being. Unlike the multitudes that take the occasional seminar or buy self-help books, these students stayed for decades in their school. Even after teaching thousands of adult students, the average student has stayed for years, not months. This level of long term involvement exceeds most, if not all other, self-help programs and seminars. The Schaefers discovered that they had a gift to inspire, motivate and keep people on a difficult path for many years, Master’s Joe and Sheryl have now fully realized that their own three decade personal journey to transform can light the way for other seekers.

    A Word

    From The Founders

    Your personal journey to live life at a higher level is much like a rollercoaster. There are ups and downs. There is fun and also fear. We want you to know that we are honored to be on the ride with you. We are there in our own seats, for every twist and turn with you.

    Masters Joe and Sheryl Schaefer

    Master Joe Schaefer

    8th degree black belt, PhD in Neurophysiology

    • 32 years teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi
    • 7 Years Teaching University level physiology
    • Published Researcher
    • Certified Trainer/Coach In Open Focus Attentional Method
    • Certified Neuosynchrony Feedback Coach
    • Has personally mentored over 5000 students

    Master Sheryl Schaefer

    6th degree black belt, Masters Degree In Physiology

    • 25 years teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi.
    • 8 Years teaching University level Physiology, Entomology, & Developmental Biology
    • 10+ Years facilitating Women's empowerment retreats and seminars.
    • Has personally taught Kung Fu and Tai Chi to over a thousand adults.

    Your Path Is Made Of Stepping Stones

    After teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi for over 30 years, we know that the secret to achieving the seemingly impossible, is the taking of small progressive steps over time.


    Our Upcoming Workshops & Sessions


    February, 2020


    Open Focus Monthly Stress- Reduction Session

    Ongoing monthly sessions of Open Focus guided visualization practice to reduce stress, tension and anxiety. Everyone must take one of the 3 hour Balance and Breath courses before taking this monthly program. This will give you the background you need to understand and master Open Focus.


    March, 2020

    4:00- 7:00 PM

    Balance & Breath

    Get ready to learn more about how your brain and stress response works than most Doctors understand. Learn how to use the power of mindfulness. Everyone talks about the power of mindfulness, but no one tells you exactly how to do it.

    This seminar will teach you precise methods that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE



    March, 2020

    5:00 – 7:30PM

    The Workshop Begins –

    Make 2020 The Best Yet

    The is the program we have dreamed of creating for over 20 years. A powerful sequence of monthly workshops to identity your life’s purpose, goals and then remove long held internal barriers to success. We are as excited to present this material and do the exercises as you will be. Included: Custom planner, exercises, experiences, and take home supporting materials.

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    Advanced Academic Degrees

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